Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random Kitty Pics

Recently I went home for a few days and took the kitties with me. Snow doesn't mind riding in the car as long as she can get out of her cage and ride in the front seat. So I decided to let Socks out too. She did a GREAT job. At first she snuggled up with Snow. AWW!! Then got in the back and laid down for a nap. She pretty much slept the whole 2 hour trip.



Socks LOVES to get a drink out of cups. She is real sneaky about it too. You have to watch her because she will have her head or a paw in your glass as soon as you turn away. I have to say she is pretty smart. If she can't fit her head in your glass she will dip her paw in and lick the drink off.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Socks and her Feather Stick

She loves this stick with a feather on the end. She has pretty much torn it up and there's only a little bit of feather left on the end. She still plays with it though. I have to take it away when I'm gone because I'm worried she'll ram it down her throat. Just watch the video you'll see why. :-)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Socks is a menace!

But she is a cute menace! This is some video from the first couple of days I got her. She was, and still is, into EVERYTHING! As I'm writing this she is under a blanket over the sofa. Having a big time with her self. This evening I was eating, minding my own business and the next thing I know...WHAM!...she jumped onto my back. And this morning she saw me putting on a necklace and made a flying leap onto and up my legs! Now she's trying to eat the cords behind the computer!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Meet Socks

Last week I finally decided it was time for a new kitty addition to my little family. I've held off getting a new kitty because I wasn't sure I or Snow were ready for another member of the fam. So I just avoided pet stores or Walmart parking lots on Saturday morning so that I didn't have to see any kittens. But, then I just HAD to go in PetsMart Monday. This little face is what did me in! When Fats was alive it was easy to say NO to more kittens because I had two and I was happy with two. But now that she is gone there's just room to love another one! I'll never REPLACE Fats, she was just too special, but an addition is, so far, nice.

She was SO playful too. She reached out and would grab at me wanting to play. Some of the others did that too. I have to just not think about them because it hurts my heart. But there was something super cute about her.

I put my application to adopt her and had to wait. That was hard because I really wanted her badly. They called me yesterday afternoon to let me know that I could get her or any other kitten. But I had already fallen for this one! She got to get out of her cage while I did the paperwork on her. She chased flies and hissed at the other cats.

After we got home and made our first introductions to Snow she explored the house a little bit. She found the treat/food draw RIGHT away!

Snow and her didn't get along really at all. Snow didn't really know what to think about this THING being in her house. But after a while and a few knock down drag outs she started to be more interested in the kitten than wanting to eat it! The kitten however really isn't sure about Snow. Any time she gets too close she hisses which normally sets Snow off too. I think after a week or so they will be best buds...least I hope!





Finally she got all played out. Took a 3 minute kitty nap and then went back to bouncing off the walls!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Washington D.C. 2007 Trip

Here is a YouTube player for mine and Jessica's Washington D.C. videos. It's not all the video but a few. I'll post more as I finish making them.