Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kitty Bed Project

So Friday Mom sent me a link to a website that had a kitty bed project that she thought I would enjoy making. Well she was right. I went out after work on Friday and got all my stuff including the end table that I picked up at our local Restore.

Here is the table before I did any thing to it:

First thing I did was take it all apart. I wasn't able to just flip the table over because it had a glass top originally. So I took it all apart to figure out what parts I needed.

I took the bottom panel and flipped it over so the real bottom was facing up. Then I took the little feet and placed them back in the holes with a little wood glue.

I reassembled the legs and side panels. At that point I realized I need to screw the legs back on the feet posts. Luckily the glue on the feet hadn't setup. I was able to pull them off and reassemble the legs, side panels, lower panel and feet.

I purchased 4 finals for the ends of my legs. I thought they would work with the holes from where the old table panels were screwed on. But they didn't. So I cut off the square block end of the legs. I drilled new holes and screw the finals into with some glue.

I also cut down a small piece of wood for the "headboard". I planned on painting something on it like, "Cat Naps". But I don't know now that it's all together!

Next came the primer, paint and clear coat. I went with a light baby blue since I have a lot of light blue through the house. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to sand down the edges to antique it a little or not. I kind of like it solid but I do like the antique look, too.

Finally I bought a pillow because it seemed to fit almost perfectly. I got a real fluffy one since the cats are only a LITTLE spoiled. :-) I found some fabric that I liked at Wally World. There you go!

It didn't take Socks long to realize it was HER new bed. She's already brought some toys over to it. I hung her most fav toy off one of the posts. I think I'll probably string some play things off the posts.


fourkidsmom said...

So, so cute. Can't wait for you to help me with mine.

Margo said...

You did a great job, I'm sure Ki will love it, And Kitty too.

~~Carol~~ said...

I love this idea so much! I think it's low enough so that my FAT cat can still get on it. Thanks for the instructions---I might just try one!

Anita said...

Great work! You did fab- I like the pillow best...