Sunday, August 8, 2010

Carbucks - Pit Crew and Chief

I started on the Pit Crew and Crew Chief (car version) this weekend. I bought the Leakless Pit Crew set so I could get 3 different styles of Pit Crew guys. PLUS I like the box background because it's blank (no cars printed on it)...which means I can scan it an use later.

I got all 4 of them apart. Took them outside to start the paint removal. Put the chemical on it then I realized that that the Pit Crew's had plastic faces. But it was TOO late. The chemical had already burned their little smiles away. :-(


I managed to remove the little pitty faces from the body, wash them off and save MOST of the shape. I then sanded it down to a semi smooth surface. Later I had to make little smile decals to recover their face. BUT I almost had a major problem!!

Here's a few images of the work in progress. Once every thing has dried for 24 hours, I'll put it all back together and I will have a Carbucks Pit Crew! :-D

Pit Crew and Chief Painted

Pit Crew and Chief Decals

Pit Crew and Chief Detail Paint


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